The ongoing projects at the Department:
DIVERCITIES - Governing Urban Diversity: Creating Social Cohesion, Social Mobility and Economic Performance in Today's Hyper-diversified Cities
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ITN RegPol²Socio-economic and Political Responses to Regional Polarisation in Central and Eastern Europe – centres on new patterns of regional disparities between metropolised regions and the remaining parts of CEE countries. RegPol² trains 16 young researchers for careers in academia, public administration, NGOs and the private sector.
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Previous projects at the Department:
HURO GEO PHD - Cross Border Doctoral Programs Consortium
RE-TURN - Regions benefitting from returning migrants
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COOLING CUBES - Integrated spa development strategy for the spas situated in the area of the main traffic route through the Hungarian-Serbian cross border region
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Research fields:
The Department of Economic and Social Geography of the University of Szeged is a one its units with regional and social geographical profile, thus the research directions are rather diverse. Our colleagues achieved significant results in researching and establishing the theoretical basis in the research of the economic districts in the 70’s. The experiences gained then were rather useful in preparing the various regional development plans in the 90’s. The department participated in preparing numerous territorial development concepts regarding the counties of the Southern Great Plain Region and various subregions.
The research of the Southern Great Plain Region and Csongrád County became the most important territories of research, which is hallmarked not only by the territorial development concepts but also with the numerous publications, mongraphies and volumes introducing that introduce the economy and society of the county. Research on rural regions has been going on also for a long time at the department. These works are partly focusing on the changes in the agricultural economy and partly on the spatial relationships in rural regions in the regions near to the borders of the county and the urban regions. Research in classical transport geography is traditional in the department as well. Besides studies on the cities of the Great Plain and on the social characteristics of the farm system are also prepared at the Department.
Next to carrying on the traditional research directions, numerous new research fields have appeared at the Department in the last decades. The most important of them are the research of urbanisation and suburbanisation, within the framework of which the complex processes going on in and around our cities have become the focal point of our research. Ethnical geographical research (mainly regarding the roma minority), research in the field of health geography, research on the cyber space induced by the development of information technology, research in tourism geography and the practical use of some actual theoretical questions and approaches of the geography (e.g. gravity and potential models, behavioral geography, critical geography) are the various sections of the research fields.